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11/19/2018 6:32:57 AM saudi arabia, sakaka
9 - Which are the following are Session-state management communication 1.Inproc 2.StateServer 3.SqlServer 4.Custom
11/19/2018 6:32:34 AM saudi arabia, sakaka
8 - The method that transfers ASP.NET execution to another page, but returns to the original page when it is done is?
11/19/2018 6:32:22 AM saudi arabia, sakaka
7 - What is the lifespan for items stored in ViewState?
Item stored in ViewState exist for the life of the current page
11/19/2018 6:32:15 AM saudi arabia, sakaka
6 - In my Web Form i.e form I have a control of DropDownList having 2 values of Mumbai and Delhi. On submit of a button I redirect my page to same URL.Instead of 2 values in DropDownList,I am able to see 4 values i.e 2 of Mumbai and 2 of Delhi each. Why?
IsPostBack Validation not done.
11/19/2018 6:31:58 AM saudi arabia, sakaka
5 - Name a property common in every validation control?
11/19/2018 6:31:10 AM saudi arabia, sakaka
4 - What data types do the RangeValidator control support?
Integer, String, and Date
11/19/2018 6:30:58 AM saudi arabia, sakaka
3 - What the 1st method that is fired during the page load?
11/19/2018 6:30:35 AM saudi arabia, sakaka
2 - How does ASP.NET store SessionIDs by default?
In cookies
11/19/2018 6:30:18 AM saudi arabia, sakaka
1 - What is the last stage of the Web forms lifecycle?
11/19/2018 6:25:32 AM saudi arabia, sakaka
10 - protected void repeatQuestion_ItemDataBound(object sender, RepeaterItemEventArgs e) { if(e.Item.ItemType==ListItemType.Item) { //Does something.... } 'Does something' only gets processed for every 2nd row that is data bound What needs to change to make sure that 'Does something' gets processed for every row?
Add an OR condition to the if statement stating e.Item.ItemType == ListItemType.AlternatingItem
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