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7/18/2018 5:43:13 PM india, bangalore
10 - Is the following route definition a valid route definition? {controller}{action}/{id}
7/18/2018 5:43:00 PM india, bangalore
9 - What are the 3 segments of the default route, that is present in an ASP.NET MVC application?
1st Segment - Controller Name 2nd Segment - Action Method Name 3rd Segment - Parameter that is passed to the action method
7/18/2018 5:42:30 PM india, bangalore
8 - What is the correct order for the lifecycle of an ASP.NET MVC page
App initialization Routing Instantiate and execute controller Locate and invoke controller action Instantiate and render view
7/18/2018 5:41:39 PM india, bangalore
7 - Which is not a type of result in MVC
7/18/2018 5:41:23 PM india, bangalore
6 - What is the difference between “ActionResult” and “ViewResult”?
ActionResult is an abstract class while ViewResult derives from ActionResult class
7/18/2018 5:40:50 PM india, bangalore
5 - _______ dictionary is used to share data between controller actions
7/18/2018 5:40:20 PM india, bangalore
4 - which of the following represents RAZOR syntax?
7/18/2018 5:40:10 PM india, bangalore
3 - Where are routes registered in ASP.NET MVC Application?
7/18/2018 5:39:52 PM india, bangalore
2 - What are partial views in MVC
Reusable view
7/18/2018 5:39:36 PM india, bangalore
1 - what is strongly typed view in mvc
view created with model class
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