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Question: What are partial views in MVC
Answer1: Its the resource file for a view
Answer2: View that has strongly-type models
Answer3: Same as MasterPage in
Answer4: Reusable view
Answer: Reusable view

Explaination: Partial view is a reusable view (like a user control) which can be embedded inside other view. For example let’s say all your pages of your site have a standard structure with left menu, header and footer For every page you would like to reuse the left menu, header and footer controls. So you can go and create partial views for each of these items and then you call that partial view in the main view Once the partial view is created you can then call the partial view in the main view using “Html.RenderPartial” method as shown in the below code snippet.
<% Html.RenderPartial("MyView"); %>

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